Following are samples of my work:

The Melbourne Anglican:

When grief is overwhelming, how do we cope? (Winner of Gold Award for Best Faith Reflection at 2018 Australasian Religious Press Association awards)

Book review – Surprised by Hope

Doing time in the world’s largest open-air prison


World Vision:

World Vision blog:

Faith, that is poverty and pasta- an unlikely combination


World Vision Australia’s Christian identity – theological statements

Working with God to renew His world

Living out the compassion of Christ

Standing in the prophetic tradition


Common Grace:

Responding in the wake of disaster

From soccer star to solar in Solomon Islands 


Sight Magazine:

Welcoming the unwelcome at Christmas

Book review – Lost Connections

Living in community was the norm for the early church

To whom have we been converted?

Martin Luther King – an unforgettable fire

The Rapture – should it be left behind?

Movie review – For The Love Of God: How the Church is Better and Worse Than You Ever Imagined


John Mark Ministries:

Movie Review – Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Fascinated by Jesus

Mary McKillop and the Australian soul

God, Haiti and tectonic plates

Remembering CS Lewis, Aldous Huxley and…oh yeah, JFK

Faith is a verb – a theology of love

Truth in a postmodern culture

What was Jesus’ main point when he said you must be born again?

Grace isn’t fair (also appeared in The Sunday Age in Melbourne)



Donald Trump as a reflection of an adolescent culture

The Myth of Personal Freedom and the Cult of Success


Till He Comes:

Are You Doing God’s Work?


40 Aussie Stories: Inspiration for the spirit (Strand Publishing, 2011):

Nature and the soul


Online Opinion:

Greens deserve rational scrutiny

Bradman’s legacy