Following are samples of my work:

The Melbourne Anglican:

When grief is overwhelming, how do we cope? (Winner of Gold Award for Best Faith Reflection at 2018 Australasian Religious Press Association awards)

Here’s how we’ll fill up our churches again

Why bikies and Anglicans make up Dave Fuller’s unique ministry

World Vision:

World Vision blog:

Faith, that is poverty and pasta- an unlikely combination

World Vision Australia’s Christian identity – theological statements

Working with God to renew His world

Living out the compassion of Christ

Standing in the prophetic tradition

Common Grace:

Responding in the wake of disaster

From soccer star to solar in Solomon Islands 

Sight Magazine:

Welcoming the unwelcome at Christmas

Book review – Lost Connections

Living in community was the norm for the early church

To whom have we been converted?

Martin Luther King – an unforgettable fire

The Rapture – should it be left behind?

Movie review – For The Love Of God: How the Church is Better and Worse Than You Ever Imagined

John Mark Ministries:

Movie Review – Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Fascinated by Jesus

Mary McKillop and the Australian soul

God, Haiti and tectonic plates

Remembering CS Lewis, Aldous Huxley and…oh yeah, JFK

Faith is a verb – a theology of love

Truth in a postmodern culture

What was Jesus’ main point when he said you must be born again?

Grace isn’t fair (also appeared in The Sunday Age in Melbourne)


Donald Trump as a reflection of an adolescent culture

The Myth of Personal Freedom and the Cult of Success

Till He Comes:

Are You Doing God’s Work?

40 Aussie Stories: Inspiration for the spirit (Strand Publishing, 2011):

Nature and the soul

Online Opinion:

Greens deserve rational scrutiny

Bradman’s legacy